Enter In, March 28, 2018 Daily Reflection


It’s so easy to tell ourselves that we cannot enter in to a new situation; career, lifestyle, way of life, attitude, relationship, or other circumstances. There is a voice in our head saying we are not worthy. I don’t know why that voice is there but everyone has it at some point in life. I always thought that voice should just be completely shut down. I am reading an amazing book, “Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model” by Richard C. Schwartz, PH.D. It is incredible. This doctor has discovered that we have voices in our head, not because we are crazy, we all have this observer, and we are able to observe different emotions and reactions. He discovered over time that one should not stunt the voices. The various voices are all a part of who we are, all parts should be acknowledged. When we learn to understand the the reason for the voice and what it is doing to protect us the voice sounds quite different. I have not finished the book yet. However, I believe integration of the voices and parts into who I am completely is the goal. To be able to listen, recognize, observe, and love all my parts because they are me is end point.

So, I am entering into this idea. New ideas and ways of thinking are sometimes frightening because they are so unfamiliar but they can also be intriguing and life changing. What can you enter into right now that will give you the opportunity for growth?

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