Earth Day, April 22 Daily Reflection

Wild Flowers

Looking for my children down by the creek I found these flowers growing wild among the weeds and tall grass. Struck by their vivid colors I stopped to admire them. How precious is the moment one finds beauty in an unexpected place; a beauty that just takes your breath away if only for a moment in time? God has given us unlimited moments like this with all of creation. Everywhere we look that man has not touched we find beauty in nature surrounding us.

 On this Earth Day we should all take a walk. Find a park close by or just sit on your back porch without your laptop, iphone, ipod or a book. Just sit or walk for awhile and truly listen to the creation God has laid out before you. Breathe in the fragrant scents of the spring flowers. Let your eyes be tantalized by the vivid spring greens of the new leaves. Listen to the birds and watch the butterflies and bees take flight. We have no need for entertainment if we but look God will provide nature as entertainment more soothing to the ear, more nourishing to our souls than anything man made.  Take the time today and let God’s creation be a part of your day.


  1. Theresa Marks

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