Earl Gray Tea, March 26, 2015 Daily Reflection

Earl Gray Tea

Earl Gray Tea

This is a steaming cup of Earl Gray Tea from Panera. This is a sign of friendship from a place that was once “our office.” A few years ago me and one of my best friends had the privilege to create and lead many retreats for about 2 years. That time was precious to me. Unlike many situations where wisdom is found in hindsight, I knew and appreciated every moment of the work we were able to accomplish together with God’s help. We would meet at Panera. She would get her Earl Gray tea and I would get my ice water. I have never worked so seamlessly with another person in my life. We laughed together, created amazing retreats, fed off of each other’s energy, and encouraged and deepened each other’s faith lives. It was a joy to go to Panera once or twice a week to meet with her and do the work we believed was bringing peace, serenity and faith to women all over Louisville and elsewhere who needed it so badly.

It was Jenny who put the idea of teaching in my head. I of course thought she was insane to suggest it. I guess she could see potential that I had no idea was there. Now, I am a teacher and she is also in a part of academia. I am pursuing a masters and she is pursuing a doctorate degree. Recently we were able to meet at our old “office.” She ordered the Earl Gray tea and I just sat there smelling it. Its aroma takes me back to those awesome times. However, those times are not over we are still in touch and plan to work together to write a book. I miss the old days and appreciate the times we spent together. I take solace in the fact that I know we will work together again. Two spirits like ours that are on fire with faith will continuously catch the spirit of God’s love and inspiration for years to come in order to glorify God in other ways.. Until that time arrives, every time I smell that Earl Gray Tea, I will smile and think warmly of my friend and those times we had together and look forward to what God will create through us soon.

Do you have a friend or coworker whom you worked well with that you miss? Today, say a prayer for her or better yet give her a call and let her know you care.

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