Down the trail, July 19 Daily Reflection

Walking down the trail

What do you carry with you down the trail? Do you take more than the clothes on your back and a walking stick to steady you? What do you need on the trail? Who do you walk with and who walks with you?

There are so many things that tie us down to this earthly existence our needs; food, clothing & shelter. We are taught to believe the more of those needs that are filled in abundance the happier we will be and the better our existence. Do they make us happy or weigh us down? If after all we cannot walk away from the creature comfort for even a moment without desiring those things can we ever be truly happy and free?

We should break free of our creature comforts and truly think about what we need to walk down that trail. We need to take the time to consider what we need and what our culture says we need. If we are walking down the trail weighed down by things we will quit walking and settle with our things, the journey will be short lived. The journey is not about what things we can collect but the people we can love along the way. The way we treat others on the trail and the knowledge and presence of God we seek to fulfill our purest human need, the need for God. Let us not succumb to all the earthly pleasures but instead shed them like an old skin, shake them from our purest heart and start to seek out the voice buried beneath our culture, the voice of God.

 Carry only your walking stick to steady you, the clothes upon your back, search for the berries in the wild, find shelter among your friends and walk with God for He is already walking with you.

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