Do you over pack? March 25 Daily Reflection

Packing with her daddy

Anna was packing a suitcase with her daddy. She was so proud that she could help him to organize it all. We were sad that he had to go away for an entire week for work. Thank God he only has to travel once in a while. They packed the suit case with just enough shorts/shirts/suits/ties etc…He did not want to over pack or under pack. So they counted out the days and the clothes together.

When he returned from the trip Anna asked him “Daddy, did we pack right?” His reply was “I only had one thing left that I didn’t wear. That was the best packing job I ever did and it was all because of you, Anna.”

How do we pack in our lives?

Do we carry just the necessities for everyday living with us? Do we over pack and take too many memories, grudges and hard times with us daily? Do we ever empty out our suitcases? Do we leave every piece inside?

How much lighter would our lives be if we lived by the necessities and not the extra baggage? How do we let it go and pare it down to the essentials?

We have to forgive others, forgive ourselves and let the things go that are not needed on the journey of life. We don’t need grudges, harsh words, angry thoughts and emotional turmoil. We need positive thinking, dreams, visions, kindness, caring and love to sustain us on the journey. Take out the toxic packaging and be rid of it. It is too heavy and too hard to carry around daily.  Give it away in prayer, in tears, in talking it out. Give it away by forgiving that person and putting it behind you.

There is a time limit on this journey of life. You only need to pack a certain amount. Don’t over pack, don’t under pack. Pack so that you have what you need; God, family, friendship, love and kindness, then you too can say “That is the best I ever packed and it is because of you God.

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