Discovery, March 7, 2016 Daily Reflection

Spencer & Jake in the book store

Spencer & Jake in the book store

My daughter loves book stores! She had a special request over the weekend, that we visit a book store. My weekends are probably like many other busy parents. I have to do laundry, grocery shop, catch up on bills, do my homework and reading for Master’s classes, prepare for the classes I teach, go to sports practices, games, and Church, visit family, and try to get it all done in 2 1/2 days before the week starts all over again. Going to a book store is not on our to do list. I decided I could probably complete some grading, do some reading for class and writing at the store if I brought my laptop with me. So, that’s what I did my husband and three of my children and my laptop, we loaded up in the minivan and headed to our local book store.

The boys looked through all of the toys and games for a gift for their cousin’s birthday party. My husband wondered, bought his Starbucks drink and settled down in a comfy chair with a new book. My daughter decided to read parts of a few books to decide on what to buy. I graded my students work, wrote, and read my homework for my class. My boys found some books and laid down on the floor and just read. It was a sweet few hours, yep, it was a few hours that they were able to get lost in their books. We all love getting lost in a book. They take us away to foreign places, develop friendships and courage and knowledge about so many things in life, and imagination.

There is nothing like spending a rainy afternoon in a bookstore, lost in a good book.

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