Dipping the cookie, December 22 Daily Reflection

Dipping the cookie

He was dipping his Christmas cookie in his glass of milk, yet the cookie was not stale it was freshly baked. “It makes it tastier!” That is what Jake told me when I asked why he was dipping it. I took a cookie and dipped it into my milk and it was tastier. The cookie soaks up the milk and makes it not only tastier but a little healthier because now it has milk soaking into it. The cookie was good without it but dipping made it more special.

Our lives are like the cookie, many of us have a sweet life, filled with sugar; our family, our children and our friends. We enjoy our lives and where we are and sometimes we become a bit complacent. We forget that someone else created our cookie with gentle kindness they stirred all of our ingredients into the same life and baked it at just the right temperature. Although we work hard to maintain our lifestyle and keep good and healthy relationships if it were not for the creator of the cookie none of it would exist today.

In many ways we are so happy with our lives that we forget there is a cup of milk we need to pour. We forget that there are many opportunities to soak up the goodness, nutrients and full flavored taste of life. We have to open the door, take out the milk, go to the cupboard take out the cup and pour the milk into the cup and then settle down and start dipping to find the fullness of not just this life but perhaps the next. The milk waits, God’s wisdom surrounds us we just have to open our ears and listen, the cup waits, the words of God, and our faith community wants to be the vessel that holds God within so that we can take Him further out into the world. God is waiting He never left we just have to do the work to find Him, to pour out His word and to dip our lives into His open Hands so that we may live the fullest life possible and find the way towards eternal salvation.

Are you ready to dip your cookie? “It makes it tastier!”


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