Digging in the dirt, November 13, 2012 Daily Reflection

Spencer digging in the dirt

I walked out back to see my children with shovels digging up my backyard. “Hey, Guys what are you digging holes in the yard for?” I asked them. “Mom, we are digging for worms!” they replied with huge smiles upon their dirt smudged cheeks. They wanted to find wiggly worms but of course they had to dig way beneath the dirt to find them.

Many of us would never lift a shovel to dig beneath the dirt of our lives or anyone else’s for that matter. We don’t want to find the wiggly worms that writhe below our surface. We are happy to skim the surface and just be where we are right now. But I wonder what would happen if we took out the shovel and started digging. I wonder if we would discover that those wiggly worms would help us to learn something more about who we are and why we do the things we do in this life. Maybe if we took the time for deep reflection, digging into who we are as a person, we would better understand where we are right now. Of course it is much easier in all of life to be surface with friends, acquaintances, family members etc. Truly, who really wants to know “How are you today” when we ask people? Sometimes we really do want to know that answer don’t we? It just depends on who we are asking the question.

Today, take a few minutes to dig a little deeper into your own life and ask yourself “Why did I do that today?” try to understand your motives. Dig a little deeper today and wait for the answer, stand still and look the person in the eyes and ask the question “How are you today?” and listen for an honest reply.

Once in awhile it is good to get out the shovel, dirty our hands and dig a little deeper.

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