Crisis, August 22, 2016 Daily Reflection

20160607_205533 (1)I have just started my 8th course “Faith Development and Spirituality” in my Master’s program. Much of the chapter I am reading is about the stages of human development as well as faith development. One of the ideas introduced was crisis. Normally, we think of crisis as it is defined, a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. However, James Fowler the author of the book I am reading says that in Chinese the word crisis means danger and opportunity. In Greek he said that it translates as turning point. It is a point in time when one is forced to make a change and a choice. It is a time of transition. The truth is that the only thing certain in this life is that there will be change. We can attempt to resist change and be left behind to mourn and regret the loss or we can allow the situation to change our course of action, turning and transforming us to an extent.

Crisis will be followed by opportunities. In the moment of crisis when everything is overwhelming not many people will recognize that opportunity. Perspective is imperative to see this opportunity. Next time you have a crisis try to remember that there will be opportunities available and try to cease them.

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