I Cried, April 14, 2014 Daily Reflection

Spencer on the beach

Spencer on the beach

I cried the morning we left Florida. Not just because I would no longer hear the waves lull me to sleep at night or watch the sunrise every morning. I cried because I found so much peace on that beach. I did not work, worry, stress out, do bills, clean bathrooms or do other chores. I sat on the beach and watched my children be children. I relaxed holding my husband’s hand on the beach reading a book. I played in the pool with my children and ran in the morning with my husband. I was simply a mom and a wife and nothing more. I cried because I was able to appreciate and savor every moment at a slow and relaxed pace.

I love my life and coming home is not horrible, it is just fast paced, calendar filled, hectic with work, sports, school, cleaning and everything else. I would not trade it for anything except sitting on that beach again with my family.

Moments like these are precious and unforgettable.

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