Continue to learn, February 19, 2018 Daily Reflection

My Old Classroom

I remember when I walked out of U of L for the last time. I went to the bursar’s office and picked up my Bachelor’s Degree Diploma in 1996. I walked through the parking lot with a satisfied but sad feeling. I was excited to be finished with school but sad because I always loved being a student. I never walked across that stage to receive my diploma because my brothers said it wasn’t worth the fuss. I didn’t even have a graduation party. I do regret that decision. I will make up for it this May when I walk across the stage at Loyola University of New Orleans to receive the diploma for my Master’s Degree in Theology! I will have a graduation party.

I am finished with my papers and classes now. I appreciate every weekend that I am not overwhelmed with working on school and grading papers. However, I am still learning. I am in a Spiritual Direction Internship. I will finish the program in at the end of April and be certified to be a Spiritual Director. So, I am still reading but not writing papers. I also just started the 2nd Mindfulness class at Earth and Spirit Center. It includes reading but no papers. I enjoy learning. I never want to stop. I actually explored some doctoral programs to earn my PHD in divinity. Then I thought to myself what am I doing I need a break.

I think we should always continue to learn and challenge ourselves. We need to constantly seek knowledge and new experiences. It is great for our brains, attitudes, and living life to the fullest. I want to be a student for a lifetime in lots of different types of classrooms.

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