Contentment, February 11, 2015 Daily Reflection

Contentment 2We have the “greener grass” syndrome in our society. Our culture says what he has is better than what I have. What she does is better than what I do. He is happier than her. She is everything I want to be. But the truth is it’s all a lie. The grass is not greener, those people are looking over their fence at someone else thinking someone else’s grass is greener too. So, how do we stop this impossible cycle? The answer is contentment.

If only we could look at our own life, family, faith, and existence and appreciate, who we are, how we live, those we love, and all that God has bestowed upon us in this life. If we could truly embrace the moment and the gifts in our lives, then we would find contentment. If we are always looking for more we will never be content. If we slow down, reflect on our lives, get in touch with God, and deeply love our families we will find the true meaning of appreciation and contentment.

Today, slow down, pause, pray, and reflect on what God has given you in the here and now. In that moment you will discover contentment. Now, try to keep it with you daily by thanking God for everything at the beginning and ending of each and every day.

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