Consider this, February 24, 2014 Daily Reflection

My retreat cross and witness talk

My retreat cross and witness talk

I found this picture of my retreat cross sitting on top of a witness talk I gave a few years ago to invite people from other parishes to my parish Koinonia retreat. St. Bernard, my parish, just held their 12th Koinonia retreat this weekend. I went to the reunion!

Throughout our lives God speaks to us in different ways through ordinary people and extraordinary circumstances. When I went to my first Koinonia retreat 7 years ago God set my heart on fire. I realized after that retreat that I needed to be a motivational speaker for God, a writer and a retreat leader.

How often do we ignore God’s voice? Someone says, “You would be a great teacher, leader, lector etc.” but we just dismiss it because it is foreign to us and takes more time than we will allow. Well, my friends you can walk away from God’s voice all of your life but where will that get you in the end?

God comes to us through retreats, talks, and every day conversations, experiences with nature and love as well as anger with others. We have to be willing to not only listen and recognize that it is from God. We also have to be willing to reflect on it, pray about it and move forward with what God is nudging us towards. If I had not listened, prayed and reflected you would not be reading this today.

Today, think about anything that has been said or anything you have felt moved by lately and pray about it. Maybe, God has been talking to you. Don’t dismiss your gut feelings. Think about it!

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