Community, September 16 Daily Reflection

Ethan's photo of the flower garden

Many different varieties and hues of flowers all growing together not choking each other out, different yet together they paint a canvas of beauty. Living in community with others should look like this picture. Are you the black eyed Suzanne or the purple flowers? We have our own name, variety, our history and background yet our color is ever so slightly different from the flowers we grow with and yet totally distinct from the other types in the garden. We are individual yet together we can create pure beauty.

I believe when God fixes His eyes on the view of the world he can pick out exactly who you are He knows you so well. From a distance this is what He sees all of His creation interlocked not in war but in peace growing together in beauty and harmony.

We don’t need to fight for our individualism so hard there is no one on else on earth with our exact identity. We need to know ourselves completely and be secure enough with our gifts that we can live in community to make our oneness a part of a living breathing harmony of peace with others. Community holds you up, secures your individuality and loves you as you are.

What community are you a part of that forms the picture above?

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