Christmas Trees, December 17, 2012 Daily Reflection

The stump of our Christmas tree

Each one of these Christmas trees was planted to grow and be cut down. Their lives were created to be used for the happiness of others at Christmas time. Yes, they are a crop on a farm grown for a profit. They should not be personified because they are not people but they are living things. They are grown to give their lives for others merriment for just a few brief weeks and then hopefully they will be turned into mulch and go back into the ground.

Jesus Christ was born to die. God our father brought Him into this world to bring us closer to Him. He knew in His infinite wisdom that it would take a human to bring understanding of Himself to His beloved people. So, God gave Jesus Christ His only son to the world a place filled with both goodness and hate. He knew the path that Jesus would walk. He knew that after Jesus had worked His miracles and taught through His words and actions the love of God the father that one day He would die for each one of us. God knew He would have to sacrifice His son for the sins of all to bring His people to an understanding beyond words. So, Jesus Christ was sent to the world to give meaning to it, to spread goodness, joy and understanding of God’s love for each of us. Christmas morning He was born to a poor couple in a stable and the world could feel His presence. His life was a testament to God’s love of humanity. His death on the cross for our sins reconciled each and every one of us to God. But His resurrection gave us hope and faith that if we die with Christ on that cross, to our sins, then we can live with God in eternity.

The life of a Christmas tree can be seen as a symbol for humanity to experience the coming of our savior. We are also created for a purpose and one day we too will die. Hopefully our journey will be filled with the love of God and our own way to live God’s love out in our everyday lives; to give merriment, goodness and guidance to the Promised Land.

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