Christmas Tree, December 8, 2014 Daily Reflection

2014 Christmas TreeAs you all know my life has changed from being a stay at home mom, volunteer, motivational speaker and retreat leader to a full time high school teacher, student pursuing her Master’s degree and a mom of four children. My life is lived in fast forward and changes constantly and is overflowing with reading, grading, writing, planning and preparing for classes. Yesterday, I was able to set aside 3 hours to do something away from all of that! My family and I made our annual trip to Huber’s and cut down our Christmas Tree. The kids had a great time running through the trees and choosing the one that was the best for us. The sky was flawless and the laughter of my family was contagious. It was wonderful to just be a mom again. I miss being able to concentrate on that more. I always appreciated being home with my children but I appreciate it even more now that I don’t have as much of it.

We should appreciate every moment of laughter and joy our families bring us each and every day!

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