“Children’s March”, January 7, 2014 Daily Reflection

Children's March

Children’s March

It’s amazing how much I am learning as a teacher! I am reading and researching what I am teaching my students in our Catholic Social Teachings course. I am teaching them about Building Community. In order to teach this you have to go into depth on exclusion and inclusion. Without a doubt racism and civil rights must be covered. I don’t know how I missed this pivotal point in our nations history, but I did. Do you remember learning about the “Children’s March” in Birmingham, Alabama on May 2, 1963? Thousands of school children, some as young as six years old left their schools together to march. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the coordinators of the walk. It was non violent, hundreds of students were arrested; so many that the jails were filled and they put them in the fair grounds. Birmingham was one of the most racist cities at that time and this movement changed the course of history. Those in charge at the time put dogs and fire hoses on the students and the pictures published were seen by Kennedy and the rest of the United States it led our country to change!

Children's march

Children’s march

“and a child shall lead them”… Don’t ever think you are too young…you are one person…you are not able to make a difference in the history of this world..Those children changed the course of history.

What do you believe in? What injustices do you witness in your life? What do you need to take a step towards to change in this life? You can do it…

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