Butterball, December 14, 2011 Daily Reflection

Husband and kids sawing down the Christmas Tree

Our annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree happened this weekend. We were so blessed with a beautiful day filled with sunshine and fun. We traveled to another state to our traditional tree farm and started the hunt. “Race me through the trees, Anna” Ethan said as he took off running. In a blink she was gone. Could it get more fun than running through the trees on a Christmas tree farm?

“I found a good one! Everyone come and see.” Anna yelled to the rest of us. We examined the height, width and fullness of the tree it was a good one. But Spencer had his heart set on one we lovingly named butterball. It was so wide it almost looked like a bush rather than a tree. So there we were between two trees. Ethan and Jake did not care which one we would pick and my husband and I were divided. “Someone is going to leave this farm upset” I whispered to my husband. “Ok let’s just flip a coin and whoever wins the coin toss gets to make the choice.” I said to the kids. The coin was tossed and Anna won. She took Spencer to the side and whispered for a bit. Spencer’s face lit up “She said it was her choice and we can take butterball MOM!”

“Anna, are you sure?” I asked concerned she would regret that act of kindness later. “I won the toss so it was my choice mom. I choose butterball.” Anna responded. “Thank you Anna that was a very selfless thing to do for your brother. What a gift to him this Christmas” I stated so that all the kids could hear.

Everyone laid down to take turns sawing butterball. Luckily the ground was not wet, icy or muddy this year. Each of my children took a turn and then old butterball fell to the ground. We dragged it to the wagon. Jake said “We have to put it through the shaker in case there are any squirrels in it like Christmas Vacation!” We had it shaken, bound and my husband and kids helped strap it to the top of the van.

Another Christmas tradition is now complete. Our family had a great time. My daughter made me proud for giving of herself in a small way but a way that Spencer will remember forever. She gave him butterball.

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