Building A Bridge, April 14 Daily Reflection

My kids building a bridge of creek rocks

“We are making a bridge, Mommy” my kids yelled from the babbling brook at the Gorge Campsite. We build a bridge to walk across, to balance on, and to connect two places together.

“Get your feet out of the water Anna!” I yelled. “But mom, that’s what you have to do sometimes when you build a bridge” replied Spencer in a very matter of fact voice.

How often do we get our feet wet without caring when we are building a bridge? When was the last time you attempted to build a bridge? Not with stones to cross the water but with relationships to bridge the gap? When was the last time that you allowed yourself to be fully vulnerable and soaked, not only your feet but up to your waist?

We would rather avoid the rapids that cause us pain and break down the connection so that the pain will become minimal. Who among us has consciously decided to cut off a relationship completely to avoid the pain?

Yet, if we choose instead to build the bridge who knows what will happen. Maybe God in His infinite wisdom will help that other person to construct it from their side and the two will meet in the middle both vulnerable and ready to accept as well as give the love that was meant to be shared.  Sounds simplistic but anything is possible with God.  We just have to choose that first stone to place in the water and begin the reconstruction.  Are you ready to choose the stone?


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