Brothers in the moment, June 15 Daily Reflection

Looking at the river

They sat down for a short break; from the long explore down¬†by the river for just long enough to watch the river rushing by them.¬†Brandon with the walking stick he had discovered and Carson being held by his big brother, what a picture. Two brothers stopping together in life, taking a moment to witness nature and the grand scale of God’s gifts to us. Carson secure on the rocks knowing his big brother would keep him safe, Brandon the big brother with little knowledge of how significant this moment in time is to his little brother.

There are so many times in life that we have been a part of something bigger for another person that we will never know. At that moment for Carson he was cared for by his brother his security in this life was reaffirmed by a few brief minutes of being protected by this big person whom he adores. Brandon was just doing what he normally does a role he has taken on for years, the protector of his little brother. Neither child thinks consciously about the relationship they have with one another, yet it is a bond that will unite them for a lifetime. They were not just born from the same parents but given the opportunity to love and care for each other through a unique relationship that of brothers. Brothers typically never speak of their bond; they reaffirm their connection through teasing, wrestling and hanging out together. Unlike sisters who have to talk about everything to understand it all. Brothers know it without saying a word, they accept it without fanfare, and they live it because that’s who they are to one another.

Are you a brother or a sister to someone? Have you reaffirmed your relationship? Do you remember a time you held that person up and made them feel safe and secure? Do you remember a time when your sibling gave you that moment when all was right with the world and you were able to live in a moment because he/she held you tight? Today take a moment, a short break and reflect on the times in your life when you sat on the rock with your sibling and what it has meant to you over the years. One of the many gifts God has bestowed on us is the relationship between siblings; today take a moment to thank God for it.


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