Bleachers, October 6, 2015 Daily Reflection


Parents on the bleachers…
On the bleachers of sports stands all around our great nation one will find a great variety of people. People who before the game look tame, kind, and reapectable. Then the game begins and with each questionable call from the officials little by little the self control fades away and one will see the gentleman or the crazed parent, the fan, or the coaching parent, the quiet parent who watches, and the supportive, nervous parent. There are mad, vengeful parents, as well as kind understanding parents. However, the most interesting factor is how the athlete seems to have the attitude of his/her parent, negative or positive. Except for the athlete that would rather disown their embarrassing obnoxious parent. The gloves come off in the stands all around this nation.

What type of parent are you before the bleachers, during the game, and after the game? What type do you want to be? You can break those habits and form new healthy habits that your children may pass on to their children.

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