It’s my birthday! December 1, 2017 Daily Reflection

I am 44 years young today! This has been a crazy, unexpected year of change, waiting, and appreciation. When school started everything flipped upside down. I accepted a new career path as a retreat director starting in January. The wait for the transition has been a painful and uncomfortable period. I know in a few weeks I am going to be closing one chapter of my life and starting another. There will be tears (I am going to miss my students and a few really good coworkers) and joy (to make new friends), it’s such a bumpy ride. I am appreciative of this new opportunity of the experience of being a teacher, of the love and support of my students, family and good friends through it all. I finished my final paper for my Master’s Degree (still waiting for the grade) and I started a Spiritual Direction Internship, it is unbelievably mind blowing!! My oldest son started college and my middle son started high school. Life is in constant motion! I am so blessed to live in it!
Today, I am going to celebrate my gifts, opportunities, and love of my students, family, friends, and God.

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