At our best, December 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake and Spencer

At our best we are not alone. When we are happy, laughing, and filled with joy we are not alone. Instead we are reflecting God’s joy in our actions. At our lowest points we cannot be completely alone. When we are filled with sorrow, grief, and despair, we are not alone. Although it feels as though we are abandoned and neglected we are not alone. God may not lift us out of that haze of sadness but instead he sits with us within it. At our mediocre points in life we are not completely alone. When we find ourselves bored with the same old routine and daily actions we think is this all that there is in life. It feels blah yet, God is right there with us wondering when we are going to become aware of life’s beauty.

Regardless, of belief, God is there with you every moment of your life. Whether you invite God into your life, or reject God completely the divine never leaves. God created you whether you believe this to be true or not. God will never abandon, neglect, ignore, or leave you. You may not feel it or be aware but God is always there. No matter the situation God will always be with you.

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