Balance, May 5, 2016 Daily Reflection

20160504_191339I think that many people have a common problem in life – imbalance. Our society pushes us towards a career that usually entails working 45-75 hours a week. Anything less is seen as indifference to one’s career and is definitely not considered goal oriented. People have a certain passion or desire that drives them. God does this in our ministries and outreach as well. God lights a fire within our soul, mind, and body, and off we go. Well, not exactly. Many times we say no before we ever say yes. Once we have said yes, things begin to happen. We say yes and suddenly we become enthralled and ready to do whatever is necessary to aid the cause. Many ministers go 150% all of the time, until they burn out. It is difficult to be driven by a passion and just turn it off. We have end goals we want to meet and we just keep moving towards them. Most of the time at a pace that doesn’t allow for balance between our family life, career, leisure time, or ministry. If all of these things fall out of balance burn out can occur.


So, what is the solution to restore balance? Many books have been written on that subject. In my own opinion some things one could do are to take time away from the ministry or career, in reflection – retreats, sabbaticals, vacations, and prayer. Changing one’s attitude or perspective of the goal could really help. Because I have dealt more with ministry I think that stepping into a different part of the ministry from one role into another is very important to stop the burn out. Working reasonable hours and making time for family and leisure help a great deal. Talking to an objective person, a counselor, spiritual advisor, or someone outside the situation can give one a new point of view. I think it all starts with realizing you cannot do this alone. God will help you through the situation with the help of family and friends. We need to open ourselves up to others and talk about what is happening, pray for guidance, and reflection.


God created us to have balance in all things. We are not to be in excess of anything. God never said that this was an easy endeavor, most things worth pursuing are not. There is a way to discover balance but it takes time, energy, discipline, and organization. Seek balance in all things at all times!

Please feel free to share your ideas on how to achieve balance. We would love to hear about any personal experiences that gave you the knowledge to lead a more balanced life…

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