Available, January 8, 2018 Daily Reflection


As parents we ask our children what they want to be when they grow up. Rarely, do we ask them what they believe God wants them to be. As parents we notice their strengths and weaknesses and encourage the strengths. We help them to cultivate their talents and sometimes ignore their weaknesses. We try to help our children become good, strong, responsible adults. We truly want what is best for our children because we love them.

However, as parents we often forget that they have a purpose beyond making a living. They need to explore and discern their calling from God. It is difficult for a child or an adult to listen to God if they are pushed to suceed without first understanding what God’s purposes are for their lives. In order to figure out where a person is being called they must be available to listen, and let the Holy Spirit flow their life. God has many purposes for our lives and we will be called in many ways in a lifetime but if we are not available and open to the search we will never find complete joy.

Today, consider what brings your child joy, energy, and love. It is likely that they are involved in God’s call to them today. Instead of focusing on their future income, we should pray and consider how God might work through their lives.

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