At Work Today I will…April 30, 2012 Daily Reflection

a workplace

Today in my work place I will bring…

Positive energy

Creative ideas

Motivation to go the extra mile

A team mentality



Surrender to my pride with the goal of the common good

And a willingness to give the best of me to my colleagues.


I will strive to do these things today at work because God should not stay in my church. As a believer I should strive daily to take what I know and believe to be true about loving my neighbors as myself out into the world. It is easier to love our family and our friends. It is not as difficult to live out our faith where we feel comfortable. The challenge is to live our faith and give the best of who we are in all areas of our lives. One does not have to preach the gospel to live it. Live the gospel by your attitude, your kindness and your willingness to give who you are to others at all times.

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