Are you feeling accomplished, July 2, 2015 Daily Reflection

Spencer feeling accomplished

Spencer feeling accomplished

Our modern culture pushes us to accomplish tasks constantly. It seems the busier we are in life the more tasks we have been given. The more tasks we have been assigned the more important we must be to others. The busiest people accomplish the most, right?

I remember having a conversation with a good friend of mine who was constantly busy as a wife, mom, career woman, and volunteer at Church as well as with her children’s school. I thought to myself she is so busy she must be important. Now, I am busier than she could have thought to be. But does that really make me more important or more accomplished? Our society says our worth is proven by how busy we stay. Those of us who have little to do must be lazy, self absorbed, and not too accomplished. If they were more important they would be given more tasks.

I have been reading a book about slowing down. I am amazed by this idea of slowing down and enjoying life more, having less of a list and more of a content life. Then I think about my life and I read articles on the 8 things I need to do before 8 in the morning; eat protein, exercise, meditate/pray, read a good article and the list goes on. It makes me think I need to add more things onto my list to make me more accomplished and to lead a fuller life.

So where is the truth? How can we feel accomplished like Spencer on top of the world? We need to prioritize our lists. We need to take the things off the list that do not fall into our purpose in life. We need to love God, one another, ourselves, and creation. If the things on the list do not fall under one of these categories it needs to be ousted from our list. To truly feel accomplished we must be fulfilling our purpose in life. When we stray from that we feel overwhelmed and out of balance. What is on your list? What makes you feel accomplished? Because if it is just checking off your list then you have lost the meaning behind the tasks. I get it because I am right there with you.

What do you think?

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