Appreciation, June 12, 2018 Daily Reflection

Work Place

Yesterday, I was able to have lunch and catch up with an old friend from a former work place. He is a great guy and it was wonderful to be updated. I was also able to update him on where I am now and how it is going. We reminisced about old times and the good stuff as well as the frustrations. Hearing about it all made me appreciate where I am so much! If I ever had a doubt about my decision, it was completely erased. I am blessed beyond measure to be in a place that not only allows me to use my creativity, organizational skills, and gifts that God has given me, but they encourage me and appreciate me.

We talked about how I relinquish control and let God guide me to different places of growth in my life. It is so liberating to know it is not all up to me. I will follow wherever God leads me. I have learned and grown as a person from every place I have ever worked. All that I have experienced has brought me to this beautiful place that I am today. I appreciate my position, faith, and all the guidance God gives me daily.

Slow down today and consider how you have grown from different work places and experiences in your life. Are you able to appreciate where you are today? Where can you see the potential for growth today?

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