Announcement, September 20, 2017 Daily Reflection

Me and One of My Favorite Students

So, I accepted an offer to become the new retreat director for Sacred Heart Academy. The start date is at the beginning of the next semester in January! I am unbelievably excited about the position. I will get to create, lead, and facilitate retreats. I will also get to teach the students how to give speeches and facilitate retreats. I have wanted to be a retreat director since I left it 4 years ago to become a teacher. It is an awesome opportunity.

You must be wondering how this happened. Well, let me tell you. I have been very challenged and pleased with Holy Cross for the last four years growing into a teacher, liturgist, service coordinator, and moderator for Cougars for Christ. Although too many jobs is somewhat overwhelming, I still like the jobs, and LOVE my students. I have so much going on this fall including finishing my Master’s program with a capstone paper (I just finished the 42 page rough draft on Sunday!!). I started an amazing Spiritual Direction Internship, and of course I am busy being a mom and wife. So, I was not looking for anything more.

The day before school started a good friend of mine texted me, “Would you be interested in the retreat director position at Sacred Heart?” I responded, “Why are you doing this to me? I will meet my new students tomorrow!” She responded, “You want to consider this!” We spoke, I listened, prayed, talked to my principal who encouraged me to pursue it (because he knew how much I wanted to be a retreat director). I turned in my resume and interviewed for the position. Thinking the entire time that they would not want me. However, my prayers told me that God was calling me to this new challenge. Apparently, God really wants me there, because I was offered the position. They were willing to wait for me. They want me to be creative, energetic, and me!! How could I not say yes?

The sad part is knowing that I will have to close the Holy Cross chapter of my life. The administration of Holy Cross has taught me so much, supported, and encouraged me to become a teacher, and a leader of the faith. I have grown leaps and bounds and I owe it all to the administration for taking a chance on a person on fire with her faith and trusting that God doesn’t call the qualified, but he qualifies the called. The relationships I have formed with my students over the years is priceless, and precious to me. I will miss the students in the halls of Holy Cross and always appreciate my experiences and growth there. These last few months of teaching will be bitter sweet, who knows if God will ever call me to teach again.

It’s like I tell my students I am not attached to positions, or things, if God calls me tomorrow I will go! He called me to Sacred Heart and here I go.

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