Anna’s First Car, February 2, 2018 Daily Reflection

Anna 1st Car

I am so happy for my daughter. She purchased her first car. It is a 1993 Volvo with 228,000 miles on it. It’s in mint condition and it is hers! Ethan, her big brother might be more excited than her about this purchase. He is working on putting a new engine in his 1979 F150 but he is really interested in that Volvo. I think our family has started a new tradition of purchasing a Volvo as the first car. Anna just like Ethan had to pay for her car. We believe that it is important to be able to pay for your own car, gas, and insurance. She has been saving for years including this past summer when she worked her first job. A car is not a toy it is a responsibility and an opportunity for growth and maturity in the real world. That is why she is so proud to own her 1st car.

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