Angel on the Tree, December 21, 2015 Daily Reflection

Anna placing the angel on the Christmas Tree

Anna placing the angel on the Christmas Tree

The angel was made by my deceased Grandmother in law, Gin Stovall. She is loved and missed by many. I appreciate having an angel on top of my Christmas tree each year. It reminds me that Christmas is not just about the tree, gifts, decorations, and traditions. It is about the angels in the fields on the night of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Our culture is obsessed with the “Christmas Spirit” that comes with buying gifts for others. Buying gifts for others is not a bad thing, it can be a selfless act of love. However, what is often missed is that Christmas would not exist if Jesus Christ had not been born. It is a day to be with family, to exchange gifts, talk about the old days, and to make new memories. All while remembering that with Jesus Christ as the example we could never love like we should. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season! But don’t forget one of the reasons he wants us on this earth is to love others more fully, and that doesn’t take money, or things, it takes time, friendship, and caring enough to spend time with family, and friends.

Let the angels remind you of the reason we are celebrating Christmas!

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