Advent, December 8, 2015 Daily Reflection

My boys with their Lego Advent Calendars

My boys with their Lego Advent Calendars

A student asked me yesterday why my room was not set up for Christmas. My answer was that it is not Christmas yet. It is the Advent Season. My prayer table has an advent wreath and battery operated candles. I have a beautiful flag display of Mary holding baby Jesus. The Christmas season in the Church doesn’t begin until Christmas Eve, then we celebrate. It is very difficult to not give into the world and celebrate right now but there is good reason to wait.

My youngest boys received a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar from their Uncles. Jake, sets his alarm for early in the morning so that he can open his advent calendar door for that morning. Behind each door is a baggie with Lego pieces that form something for the calendar. It is not very religious, but it is a fun way to wait, one day, one Lego figure at a time until Christmas morning, when Jesus Christ will be born.

We are not a culture who value waiting. Most of our modern conveniences are based on little to no wait time. We want to be productive every moment. However, what we fail to appreciate is the growth, change, and depth that can come from waiting for anything. Our patience is challenged, our bodies have to slow down, and sometimes we really are able to change. Waiting is good for our bodies and our souls. It is a good thing that spiritually we must wait for the birth of Jesus Christ because during the waiting we can try to change our hearts, habits, and love for God for the better.

This advent wake up early each day and open a Bible, read a scripture, say a prayer and try to prepare your life to receive Jesus Christ in a different way this year.

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