Acceptance and Detachment, June 2, 2017 Daily Reflection

How accepting are you? Do you get frustrated when things don’t go your way? Don’t we all? Or are there some people out there in the world who are so accepting that they are not upset? Is that even possible?

If you are able to detach I think it is possible. I learned from a 10 week meditation course I took that it is possible to detach from much more than we think possible. I learned that I am not my thoughts or my feelings. Thoughts and feelings are inpermanent, they come and go. The thoughts and feelings we have should not define our character. If we can detach from our thoughts and feelings we can become more accepting. If we become more accepting we will no longer be reactive instead we can be content in all situations whether favorable or not.

I think it is possible to detach and become more accepting. I think it also takes discipline and a shift in our mindset. It takes time, experience, and lots of practice to reach that point. I have not reached it yet but I hope to continue to try.

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