A Raindrop, February 1 Daily Reflection

A single raindrop suspended from a tree branch

Easily lost in the sight of the surrounding branches, intertwined throughout the other trees, appearing to be tangled, one’s eyes scan the scene and finally connect with it; the single rain drop suspended from a tree branch in the forefront. Our eyes are searching for the object but not really absorbing the view, just scanning for a purpose. When we find the object the rest of the distractions fall away from the picture and just fade into the background.

There it is a single raindrop, clear, moist, almost an oval shape, sliding off the tree but still hanging on. Inevitably it will fall to the ground and crash into a puddle or a slide down a blade of grass; it will merge into another part of nature to form moisture and eventually will be water vapor that will be dispersed throughout the air we breathe. It will then float through the atmosphere and form a cloud and soon will transform into a raindrop once more; the cycle of the raindrop. It is never ending, just different states of existence, over and over and over again. Perhaps the same raindrop has been recreated since the dawn of time!

Are we formed from the Creator of the raindrop? Are we to do the same, start from the Heavens, fall to the nearest life that catches us, crashing to the ground deep into a puddle or sliding down a blade of grass crushed and one with it all ready to be lifted once more through the air back into the Heavens?

God created each of us to be born into this world and caught by the loving arms of our parents or those who love us best. We dangle from life as we grow not knowing the journey or how we will fall. Then one day we grow up and we fall down crashing into our miseries and sliding down our lives surrendering to the good of others so that we might merge with goodness and the light. Just as we feel lost and confused we are raised up, back to God in His glory and all His eternal goodness to live once more an eternal life in the Heavens. One day He will send us down once more in spirit to moisten the hardest hearts, to give cleansing through the waters of life, to refresh and fill our hearts once more by the creations of God. It is the cycle made by the Hands of God; never ending, a blessed life, an eternal afterlife.

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