3 Talks in 2 days, March 16, 2012 Daily Reflection

Women of Faith Retreat

This was the start of a packed weekend for me.  I started with Jenny my Co Leader of retreats in Sellersburg, IN at Speed Memorial Church. We led a wonderful group of faith filled women in a Woman’s Faith Retreat. It was a beautiful gathering of faith and support as well as laughter and joy. I had one speech to memorize for this retreat and had a great time leading it with Jenny.

That evening Jenny, Jay Close and myself were the headliners for a Valentine’s Dinner at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Louisville, KY.


Motivational Talks at St. Patrick

I gave a 10 minute talk about a couple’s faith and how it evolves over years together. We had an excellent dinner, dined with kind hearted people and had fun with the enthusiastic crowd. It was a great experience. I have given motivational talks before without leading retreats and I really enjoy it.


St. Bernard Catholic Church

The next morning I attended Mass with my family and then joined my parish in Louisville, KY for their Koinonia Retreat. It is a parish community retreat. This was our 10th Koinonia retreat. I have been involved in the last 6 retreats either speaking, co leading, leading or helping behind the scenes. This time I was the closer. I love giving the closing talk! The Go Forth and Set the world on fire because you are the light of the world!  I was practically jumping up and down waiting to speak. This is where my speaking began years ago. It was an awesome experience.

When I went home several hours later I was wiped out. Three talks, in 2 days, 2 different states, 3 different parishes, 2 different retreats, 3 different crowds. But I loved every moment of it and I thank God that this is what He calls me to do!!!!

Now that was a packed weekend.


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