Mindfulness, January 22, 2018 Daily Reflection

Breathing in and out without noticing it is part of living in our culture today. Rarely, do we notice the motion of our breath unless we lose it. Our heart pumps, blood flows, our brain functions, our appendages move, we are able to think, speak, maneuver, and live a normal human life. We work, pay our bills, raise our children, love them, and plan for the future. We take care of our responsibilities, seek entertainment, and joy daily. However, are we aware of our own breath?

I made a new friend recently who told me she is dating a Buddhist monk. They are both newly college graduates. Apparently, becoming a Buddhist monk is a tradition in his family and something he became without too much thought. I told her I would love to access what he knows and his mindset. She said there is not a lot going on in there when he is meditating. Actually, when he meditates he relaxes and is simply in the present moment, with no thoughts of the past, future, or self-analysis; he is in the present moment in his own breath. I responded this is what everyone is seeking, a peace filled, and mindful life. However, our culture believes that everything is product or goal based. When I buy this self-help book I will be a different person and all fixed. Our culture has a difficult time slowing down, listening to breathing, and living in the present moment.

We all want peace and mindfulness but we don’t want to slow down enough to practice it. If we did there would be more listening, caring, appreciation, and gratitude for life. Today, slow down, listen to your breath and try to be present in the moment. Maybe, you will catch a glimpse of peace.

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