How does time feel, May 4, 2017 Daily Reflection

Time is an odd component of our lives. A minute can be gone in what feels like a few short seconds, or a minute can seem to last an eternity. It completely depends on where your thoughts are. Last week I was diligently working on my schedule for senior service next year. I looked up at the clock and 2 hours had passed, it felt like minutes. Yet, yesterday evening, when I was finally home from work and able to relax, I looked out the window and observed the leaves blowing in the breeze and it felt like time was standing still. When we do something painful or with extreme exertion, like planks, a minute lasts hours. When we are with our friends laughing and enjoying life the hours pass like minutes. Yet, no matter how long a minute seems it is always 60 seconds. Our minds are amazing. Learning to be mindful of time, thoughts, emotions, and existence is a discipline one must learn.

How do we learn to stretch the minutes of joy and shrink the minutes of pain? When the minute is always the same? Reality is what we perceive it to be. We should perceive reality in a mindful way. We need to learn to watch our thoughts, detach from our emotions and mindfully watch our lives. Only then does the time seem to slow down.

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