Let Him Speak to You, December 3, 2015 Daily Reflection

Unknown Painter

Unknown Painter

This painting takes my breath away. It’s as though Jesus is ready to talk to me, his eyes feel as though they penetrate my soul. It makes me wonder how often is Jesus reaching out to each of us ready to speak his tender words of love and forgiveness…yet, we can’t hear him through all the noise in our lives. What pulls us away from his voice, his love, and his kindness?

What are the distractions in your life that interfere with God’s love and guidance? In mine the distractions are busyness, work, running children to three different practices, preparing meals, cleaning house, doing laundry, and keeping on top of all my grading and my children’s school work. However, if I view my distractions differently I may just be able to hear the voice of Jesus through these actions. My work involves talking about God, praying with students, and centering my heart on following Christ in my everyday life. My children are gifts from God and the time I spend with them is loving, refreshing, and a sign of God’s greatest love to me. All the chores I complete come from a place of selfless giving for my family and my students. If I work on it I can and will see God in every area of my life. But I also need the silence to hear God in a different way as well.

Today, consider your distractions and if you can see God in them. If they are so far removed maybe they are not of God and they need to be changed in your life. We should all strive to see Jesus like that painting depicts him close to us, ready to gently speak his words of love and forgiveness to each one of us.


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