Patience – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

How many of us have this virtue? How many of us use this virtue daily? How many of us wish we had this virtue? How many of us can see the benefits of patience in this lifetime and  the next? Today, there will be many moments when you are given the opportunity to exercise patience. Try using it today!

God sees our innocent love

If only we could see what God sees when He looks at us, our lives would be so different. The reflection we see from our mirrors is not true. It is only from our perspective. What would happen if our children could see themselves as we see them? If they could look into the mirror and witness joy, love, kindness and goodness radiating from them. That’s how God sees us. Continue reading

Phillip Phillips – Concert

It was an amazing concert!!! Most people who know me well know how much I love Phillip Phillip’s music. I saw him in concert last year for the first time. He was opening for a band. My husband paid full price for the tickets for us to just see Phillip Phillips. This year he came back and was the headliner. Instead of him playing for 30 minutes he played for 90!!! We were in the front row. Not many people stood and actually danced to every song. Of course I did! He smiled at me when I was really dancing to Gone, Gone, Gone… just the way I did at the Junior Prom last year. I love Phillip Phillips music, his voice and most of all his authentic love for music. He gets lost in the song and he doesn’t care what his facial expressions are or how he looks. I feel the same way when I dance. It was so much fun to get lost in the music right there when was being made and sung by Phillip Phillip’s.

What do you do that allows you the freedom to not care what others think about you? It’s music for Phillip Phillips, dancing for me and what for you?

Jake sledding

I was staring at the TV at 5:30 A.M. just waiting for the announcement. Ten minutes later I was very excited we were out of school for the day. Fifteen minutes later I was back in my snuggly warm bed. I don’t care that it is still fall and the leaves are still on the trees. It doesn’t bother me a bit that we are going to have a cold and “horrible” winter. I LOVE the snow! I LOVE the day off with my kids! I LOVE the way the snow looks like lace draped across my trees in the backyard; the silence that is barely broken by my children’s feet crushing the snow. I love watching my children build a snowman, racing down a hill on a sled or cheering because we have an extra day together to hang out and just be a family. It all makes me the happiest mom and teacher in the world. Bring on the “horrible” winter and bring on the snow days! These are the moments that define childhood and will not be forgotten. I LOVE Them!!!!

Our world is filled with noise. The noises are so great it is almost deafening. There are TVs in every room of most houses including bathrooms, and forget about the restaurants, which have 10-18 flat screens each playing a different channel. We have iPod, IPhone, Phones of every sort, lap tops, tablets and desk tops. There is talking, singing, screaming, cars, and buses, ambulances, fire trucks and sirens. Everywhere we turn there is noise. If there is silence we turn on one of these things to keep us company. Some people have to have the TV on to fall asleep at night to the “white noise.”  Continue reading

“Faith – that is, absolute trust in God despite not knowing where God will lead you – is a gift freely given. One does not earn it, nor can one buy it.” – Ronald D. Witherup

In my research of St. Paul I found this excellent quote. Many times we forget what faith truly is. I believe Ronald gives an excellent definition. Read it a few times today and really consider if you have faith and are willing to let God lead you, not knowing where you will go…

I am proud to be a Catholic. Sure, there are many issues I do not agree with the Catholic Church. The core beliefs about Jesus Christ and His love of all people and His Father are the reasons I will never leave. Yes, there is sexism in the Catholic Church (Yes, you read that right) and I pray that one day there won’t be. I pray that one day the patriarchal hierarchy of the Catholic Church will allow the Holy Spirit to work through them and realize that women have been called to be priests and deacons. Jesus Christ loved all people including women, the risen Christ appeared first to Mary Magdalen before any man for a reason! She was the first true preacher of the Resurrection. I also am aware of the daunting fact that the Mass did not change for 400 years! The work of the Church is unbelievably slow. 

However, Pope Francis makes it easy to be proud to be a Catholic!! He says, “Who am I to judge” he loves like no other does. He wants public showers in the Vatican bathrooms so that the homeless have a place to shower. He wants us to see Christ in all the marginalized of the world. But he doesn’t just say these things he lives them. God set Pope Francis in this position from the apostolic mark of the Church and I feel sure he is the closest representation of Jesus Christ I will ever witness in my lifetime. His first words as Pope were, “Pray for me, I am a sinner.” Who says that? A true contrite man of God who has been sent by God to do the will of his father on earth!  He makes me proud to be a Catholic and happy to follow in his footsteps