Upside down

Do you ever feel like your life is upside down, out of control and not exactly what you had planned? We all have days, weeks, months and sometimes years like that. So what should we do to set it right side up again?

For one thing realize that the only constant to life is change. Be open to letting the past be the past and the future be a step ahead of you. Embrace where you are by trying to discover the opportunities that the present may be offering to you. Continue reading


As I write this I am tired from grading projects, tests, homework and other papers for the last 5 hours straight! I am going to be completely honest here: TEACHING IS TIME CONSUMING, CHALLENGING AND TAXING! However, it is also a way to love others outside of your family unconditionally, to plant the seeds of hope in many young minds and a satisfying feeling that you might just guide a person in their life. It is difficult when grading and planning but fun when executing the plan and seeing the face of a person who finally “gets” that idea for the very first time. Continue reading

Holy Cross student pulling weeds

I am so proud to be a part of a school that believes in it’s Catholic roots of service. This is the second year Holy Cross has taken a full day of school and served our community. We rolled up our sleeves and did some landscaping, gardening, packing supplies, cleaning, visiting with the elderly, playing with cats and dogs and meeting some refugees and so much more. Our student body as well as our staff went to different organizations and gave our time, talent and effort to serve those in need with projects and support.

It’s one thing to say your Catholic. It’s another to put our faith into action through service. I am so proud to be a Cougar!!!

Sometimes we feel as though our lives are in a thousand pieces like these Legos. There is no way to put it back together and make anything whole from all of the pieces.

Oh, but we can! Each of my children made some type of cool creation. Do you know why? They were able to look at the pieces as a massive opportunity to create new things. Maybe, it’s all in how we look at things. Maybe our lives aren’t in pieces but we have been given great opportunities to create something new!

Don’t let the laws and rules of the Church be an obstacle in your personal relationship with God or your love for your neighbor. The reasons the laws and rules were put in place were to help you to grow closer to God. As I tell my students all of the time the point of all of this is to bring you closer to God. It’s that simple! Yet, humanity sometimes, without trying, makes it just that difficult. God wants us to love him and one another unconditionally that’s all. The Church is there to help us do that. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Always remember God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit NEVER FAIL!!!! Draw close to God, speak to Jesus and open your life to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Do not let the rules deter your eagerness to love God instead look at the essence of why they were created. Somewhere deep within that rule there should be a core that leads you to God. Sometimes we just have to dig deeper to understand. But let nothing stand in the way of your relationship with God and others. We were put here to love. So let’s do it today!

I am so proud of my daughter, for many reasons. Today, I am proud of her because she has chosen to be trained as a Eucharistic Minister. She is only 12 years old but at our parish we promote training our 8th graders before they go off to high school. Our 8th graders were confirmed in the 7th grade so that in 8th grade they can be leaders in their faith through service and ministries. Standing in front of another person and offering God to them is an amazing experience. I am very pleased that my daughter wants to work as an instrument of God’s presence in our world today!