Black Friday

This black Friday will you be out with hundreds of others fighting for the best deal in town? Or will you be home snugly warm in your bed? If you decide to brave the crowds will you be mean and aggressive? Or will you be kind and patient? In all that we do others should know we are Christian. Do you show it on Black Fridays? Or do you only show it in the pew on Sundays? Today, before you make your plans reflect on how your actions will portray who you are as a person.

Hopefully you are about to experience a rest in your life with Thanksgiving tomorrow. However, many of you reading this will probably be preparing meals and be in motion for hours. My hope for you is that you may experience a period of rest the day after Thanksgiving. Our bodies and minds need to have a break. I know I am ready for my Thanksgiving break. It is needed! Try to figure out a time that you can rest before, during or after the holiday. You will be glad that you did.

St. Bernard’s Church

Yesterday I took my students to meditate during Theology class. When I tell my students we get to meditate they get so excited! Some of them use the time to take a “prayer nap” and zone out or fall asleep. The majority of my students try to go where I take them during the meditation.

I write all the meditations. First we always go through some relaxation exercises to try to help them eliminate their stress. Then they concentrate on their breathing for awhile. When they are in a good comfortable and peaceful place I take them on a journey. This time I took them to an empty church. It was quiet, empty and inviting. They walked through the church to the beautiful stained glass window and eventually knelt down to pray. I brought them to church in a peaceful, lovely environment and gave them the space to hear God speaking to them.

Many of my students do not attend Mass regularly and I want to give them a reason to go back to church but I think they need to feel comfortable with church first. I want them to feel drawn to church. My students who transcended to the church felt at peace and prayed while they were there. I pray that this experience will help them feel a call to go back to church.

We can and should experience God anywhere and everywhere. However, church is a great place, free from distraction to listen to the word of God, celebrate the sacraments and be with a community of believers. Now, that I have taken them to church I hope they decide to go again.

I finished writing my revision and final draft of a paper about the vision of Jesus from the Gospel of John. It was very difficult to read the revisions from the editor the day I received them. I put hours into writing the rough draft and the revisions were almost as many pages as my paper. Then I sucked it up, dumped my pride and just started revising the paper as suggested. After about five hours of revising I had to walk away from the paper. The next day I revised it once more and was able to read the paper completely. I realized of course it was much more thorough after the revision. Continue reading

Patience – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

How many of us have this virtue? How many of us use this virtue daily? How many of us wish we had this virtue? How many of us can see the benefits of patience in this lifetime and  the next? Today, there will be many moments when you are given the opportunity to exercise patience. Try using it today!

God sees our innocent love

If only we could see what God sees when He looks at us, our lives would be so different. The reflection we see from our mirrors is not true. It is only from our perspective. What would happen if our children could see themselves as we see them? If they could look into the mirror and witness joy, love, kindness and goodness radiating from them. That’s how God sees us. Continue reading