It's about to break

It’s about to break

We, as Catholics, are about to enter the time frame known as the Triduum; the three sacred days at the end of Lent; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. These are very important days to the Catholic Church Tradition. Holy Thursday was when Jesus Christ commissioned priests and showed us how to serve others through the example of his service. Good Friday was the ultimate sacrifice and act of love forever. Holy Saturday is low and sad until the Easter Vigil. This is a Mass where catechumens are invited to become full members of the Church.  It is a renewal of our faith and brings us closer to the new life of Jesus Christ within us.

Prepare yourself with prayer this Holy Week.

The truck we were stuck behind
The truck we were stuck behind

We were stuck in traffic on our way home from Florida for over an hour. Our van was slowly creeping behind this truck. It felt like we were barely moving. Yet, we knew where we wanted to be and we were on the correct path.

Do you ever feel like your life is stuck in traffic? Do you ever feel like you are on the correct path but everyone else is holding up your journey? Well, have patience it might take years but stay on the correct path and the traffic will eventually start moving again.  Don’t give up!!