Jake and Aaron Exploring fossils at the Falls of the Ohio

Me and my family were able to go to the Falls of the Ohio last weekend. If you have never been it is a great field trip for a science class or for a family to explore fossils together. My husband is a bit of scientist, he is an agronomist. My children all have that science gene in their bodies. They love to explore and ask tons of questions. When they ask me about science I say ask dad. Then I always follow that with if you want to know about God, faith, religion, literature, communication, relationships or life come to me!

My husband loves days like this when we all get out together and just explore. They found tons of fossils that they truly took the time to examine together. He is a great science teacher to our children. He makes it fun and interesting.

That is one of the most awesome parts of having a mom and a dad.  We complement each other. Each of us gives something to our children that the other one gives differently. They get two perspectives from the same set of values and unconditional love. Parents help to shape their children’s views, curiosity and mindsets. Take the time to nurture your children’s education whether it is through helping them with homework, counting the stars at night or exploring fossils together, the most important elements are that you are teaching them and spending time together.

Water Park

I feel sick to my stomach and my heart is breaking for the children I sat next to at the water park last week. I know my view was limited and my judgment was not asked for by them but I cannot help but speak now, since I was not able to say a word when I sat next to them. Thank God for the Dad he was calm, kind, considerate and good to the children as well as his wife. They had a teenage daughter, two boys probably 11 and 5 and a brand new baby only 8 weeks old. The baby luckily slept for quite some time and the dad carefully and lovingly set up a cool little area for her.

After lunch when I returned to my chair the mom was overtly agitated by her teenage daughter and proceeded to cuss her out dropping the “f” word with complete disregard for any other bystanders; yelling at her daughter to get away from her. Continue reading

“I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, by loving the Lord, your God, heeding his voice, and holding fast to him. For that will mean life for you…”

Deuteronomy 30: 18-20

Every single day God sets before us a choice to do good and live selflessly or to follow evil and live selfishly. One way leads to the love and wisdom of God the other leads to evil ways and a lonely existence.

Today, is a new day, what will you choose today? 

I watched the movie “Bruce Almighty” with my children the other night. I LOVE that movie for so many reasons. Morgan Freeman, who plays God, has so many excellent words of wisdom in the film. One of the best is “Be the miracle”. He talks about how people want God to bring them a miracle but what they don’t realize is that we have the power to be that miracle for one another. We just need to use our abilities to be that miracle.

What are you hoping for, praying for, desperate for; if it’s love show love to others, if it’s kindness show your kindness to others, if its attention give attention to others. Today, be the miracle that you are praying for others.

Nature in our hands

Nature is underestimated until we witness the results of a tornado or a forest fire. Respect nature, preserve it by doing what you can one recycled paper at a time, one tree you plant, one garden you harvest, one bike ride you take instead of driving your car. We can all help to save our earth one little human being acting one day at a time. Nature provides us with our planet earth and if we want to continue to live on it we need to respect it.


Uno with Spencer

When was the last time you played Uno or another card game on the floor with your children or teenager? When was the last time you raced your child in the backyard or caught a fire fly with them? When was the last time you snuggled together and read a good book to them? When was the last time you set aside the time to just be with your children or teens? These are the moments that are fleeting. One day they will be gone and we will regret the moments we spent on our phones, IPads, letting hours go by on FaceBook and Twitter.

Today, walk away from your phone, turn it off. Turn off the TV the computer, the emails and the texts. Chase your children around the house sit down with your teen and just talk together. No one EVER regrets the time they spend loving their children only the time they wasted away from them.