Never let anyone tell you never. If you have a dream, create it. If you have a vision, build it. If you have a goal, achieve it. Dreams, visions and goals take time to mold, attempt, work on, re-figure and re-do. However, if you give up they will never be completed. Just because someone else says you can never do that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Anything is possible with God. Search your soul for the dream, vision and goal that God is calling you to in your life. If God has you dream it He will guide you to live it. Never let anyone tell you never because with God anything is possible.

Footprints with my seniors

There we were sitting at a table coloring pictures with an older African American woman with a bit too much rouge, and a thick line of lipstick covering her lips. She told us of her past and we realized she had a completely different upbringing than the three of us, me as a teacher, and two of my female Catholic High School students. We talked to her about Christmas and she did not enjoy Christmas as a child. There were no presents or gifts but there was a pancake breakfast with horrible pancakes. I asked her if she had any children. She replied, “I had them but they wouldn’t have me.” I ached from the bottom of my heart to hear those words. Continue reading


Sunset at Three Springs Farm

Our family loves the fall outings to Uncle Dale and Aunt Yvonne’s farm for pumpkin picking, pig roasts and Halloween parties. We are so blessed that so many of our relatives live out in the country. We get to drive an hour or so to farms filled with laughter, food, family, hay rides, pumpkins, ponds and fun.

On the hayride yesterday Jake and I were taking in the scenery of the bluest sky and fall foliage as we bumped across the gravel driveway to pick a pumpkin. Continue reading

Because of our experiences and our culture each of us views the world in a different way. Witnessing other’s attitudes about the world is easy to judge.

However, we will never see other’s worlds as up close and personal as our own. We need to respect, love and honor everyone because each of us has been created by God in His image. If we look long and hard enough we may catch of glimpse of God in someone else’s eyes.

Me very happy

I just have to share my exciting news with all those who know how much I love to write about my faith. Our local Catholic Newspaper published one of my articles!!!!

The link below will take you to the article. If you like it please feel free to make a comment. I am so excited. I would love to share the link to the article with you:

At times there is just too much; school, grading, lesson plans, teaching, attending classes, reading 6-8 hours each weekend, answering questions, laundry, grocery shopping, making and keeping appointments, sports practices, sports competitions, keeping up with the house and the list goes on and on and on. With all that pressure something is bound to give at some point.  Sugar Land sang it best in the song Fall into Me “When the weight of the world bears down so strong…you leave footprints on the street.” Continue reading