me reading a good book
me reading a good book

When was the last time you were able to get lost in a book? You know the relief you feel when you settle down in your favorite spot with a great book and a comfy blanket and you just let yourself relax right into that book. The book doesn’t beep, talk, move or really do anything. But the words come alive in your imagination and you are somewhere other than that cozy couch and you never even left your house.

Find the time today to turn off the TV and the computer. Pick up a good book and snuggle up in your favorite chair. Give yourself permission to open up your imagination and find relief temporarily in another world.

Enjoy the gift of reading a good book today!

Anna donating her hair in her grandpa's name after he kicked cancer's butt
Anna donating her hair in her grandpa’s name after he kicked cancer’s butt

Have you been loved at some point in your life by your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends or others? I mean truly loved, like that person sacrificed for you and cared for you, type of love.If you have ever been loved like that before think about how it has effected you as a person. Did it make you kinder, more considerate, happy or confident? Continue reading


Can’t you just imagine the disciples huddled in fear. Upset, confused and feeling abandoned by their Messiah. They couldn’t think straight, they were mourning the loss of their friend and they each feared for their lives. Holy Saturday was not just a day of waiting because they could not comprehend what they were supposed to be waiting for; instead I think it was a day filled with tears, anxiety, confusion but mainly fear.

It's about to break

It’s about to break

We, as Catholics, are about to enter the time frame known as the Triduum; the three sacred days at the end of Lent; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. These are very important days to the Catholic Church Tradition. Holy Thursday was when Jesus Christ commissioned priests and showed us how to serve others through the example of his service. Good Friday was the ultimate sacrifice and act of love forever. Holy Saturday is low and sad until the Easter Vigil. This is a Mass where catechumens are invited to become full members of the Church.  It is a renewal of our faith and brings us closer to the new life of Jesus Christ within us.

Prepare yourself with prayer this Holy Week.