My Bike

Exercise has always been a part of my life. I was no star athlete but I have always enjoyed exercise whether it was a sport, PE class, or just walking with a friend. Long ago, 15 years, after my first baby I became a walker and a few years later after my 3rd baby I became a runner. I have been running for 11 years now. I have always mixed it up with something from Jillian Michaels screaming at me to Billy Banks kicks in Taebo. Now that I am working full time for the first time in 14 years I cannot run 6 days a week. I discovered last week that running before work is running in the dark. As a woman, running alone I don’t think it is a safe option. I am blessed to be able to run a few days a week with my children’s cross country team. On the mornings I cannot run I am riding my bike in my house with a trainer. It’s pretty much an exercise bike. But I am getting a work out.

One of the reasons I have always enjoyed all kinds of exercise is because it makes me feel good about myself. It improves my health, my diet and myself image. I am able to reap the rewards and benefits from exercising my body. Can you imagine all of the benefits we could reap if we exercised our souls? What if praying and reflecting on God became our pick me up in the morning? What if reading the word of God lifted our hearts and made us happy? What if we tried to regularly practice our faith in God?

Many of us do exercise our spirituality daily. I know that personally I feel relieved when I pray and give my worries over to God. After I read some of the Gospel readings I am energized by what God is calling me to do. I feel healthier and more content after I have taken the time to walk with God in my life. There are lots of forms of exercise. We need exercise for our bodies, minds and spirit. But don’t forget it’s not just our bodies that need it; it’s also our relationship with God that needs the work out daily.

Goals, Motivation, Self determination, Confidence, these are the qualities needed to succeed in this life. You need goals to know which road to take. You need motivation to propel you. You need self determination to never give up. You need confidence to believe you can do it. With these qualities you can do almost anything. If you have God with you, above you, below you, within you anything is possible. The skies and the heavens are the limit. When God is with you nothing can defeat you.

Spencer Sitting on the shoreline

Spencer was sitting on the opposite shore fishing. He was so patient just sitting, waiting and watching the water for a ripple; any sign of a fish. He was content to sit alone, wondering if a fish would nibble. It didn’t happen that day. He did not catch a fish. But he still likes to fish and holds out hope that one day he will have a tug on his line.

We should be as patient and aware as Spencer waiting on that shore. We should be waiting patiently, listening quietly and watching for any sign from God on how to live our lives. So often in life we are in motion, headed in our own direction without looking around us. There are moments in life that we should still our souls and wait patiently to listen to God. We will not hook God but if we listen intently we will hear God’s message in one way or another.

Today, sit upon the shoreline, wait and watch silently for God’s presence in your life. Take your time and truly pray and ask God to send you a little nibble. Take heart and know if you don’t hear him today there will always be hope for tomorrow.

Woman juggling roles and responsibilities

As a wife, mom, teacher, writer, friend, daughter and child of God I have an overwhelming amount of responsibilities in my life. Sometimes, I forget that God also wants me to enjoy my life to the fullest.

So, today remember that along with all the responsibilities comes one of the best parts of life from God; the ability to fully enjoy our lives!

Why did God give us freewill? One of my student’s posed this question to me. God created us from love to love. God wants us to love Him. So, why didn’t God just make us love Him? Why did He give us the choice? Is it really love if we don’t have a choice?

Free Will is the only way that we can TRULY love God.