My Mom’s Service

Today is my mom’s birthday! God knew what he was doing when he created my mom. She is a very special and loving woman. She stayed at home with me and my 3 siblings and raised us well. I remember snuggling with her and reading golden books. I remember listening to her sing in Church and thinking she had the voice of an angel. She has always been kind, sensitive and loving to all of us. She has also had many talents in her life like tennis, mothering, being a bargain hunter, an unbelievable salesperson and most of all an amazing seamstress; she can sew, serge, crochet, needle point, make a dress or any type of clothes, quilts etc if there is thread, material or yarn involved she can make anything exquisite.

I am so proud of her. She is using her God given talents to crochet the most beautiful baby layettes for a non profit organization in Michigan. She has taught my daughter to crochet as well. My mom has crocheted over 200 of these sets in the past few months for mothers who could not afford to buy something this precious for their new babies. Just look at her work she is amazing.

Today, say a prayer for the mothers who receive my mom’s gifts. Happy Birthday Mom, I LOVE YOU not just for all that you do but for being YOU!

Anna took this picture at the ParkLands

God’s beauty is miraculous and awe inspiring. God’s creation of nature is the muse of so many artists throughout the course of time. Taking a walk, sitting by a creek, watching the clouds meander across the sky, smelling a flower or watching an ant on his ant hill all elicit wonder from the young and old. What is it about nature that is so refreshing, intriguing and peaceful? Maybe, it’s that nature was made from the hands of God; it’s a beauty we cannot duplicate and an intricate plan that although we study and analyze we will never fully comprehend. Nature appears to be one of God’s purest joys.

We are so blessed that we still have the ability to witness it and praise God for this unbelievable gift daily. Today, find a way to appreciate the beauty and vastness of God’s creation of nature.

My daughter fishing

My family went fishing last weekend. This is a picture of my beautiful daughter Anna casting her line into the pond in hopes to catch a fish.

I think it is amazing that God called fishermen to follow him. God is amazing in all that he does.  Jesus Christ was sent to be the savior of the world, to teach us forgiveness, unconditional love and how to deepen our relationship with God the father. Man, was Jesus a great teacher. He came for the poor and marginalized. He called people to him from the lower class who were uneducated men. Those fisher men through the power of the Holy Spirit were able to go out and teach what Jesus taught them. Continue reading

Me and my Dad on my swing

Me and my Dad! I just love hanging out with my Dad. He has been my best friend longer than anyone else in my life. He understands me, listens to me, he gets me. We have long, insightful, deep talks about faith and life. He supports me in everything I do, he cares for me and looks out for me. I thank God for each day I have with my Dad. I love you Dad thank you for all that you have taught me and every moment of our friendship.

My happy boys

Where can you find happiness? Look at your children, laugh with a friend, hug your mom, kiss your spouse, read a great book, listen to your favorite song, go on a long walk, take a bubble bath, make yourself smile, say a prayer, thank someone for something they have done for you. Look for happiness and you will find it everywhere!

My work space and materials

Oh, my goodness, I have two reflective essays due on August 12th but I have to be finished with a really good rough draft by Tuesday, July 29th to send to a writing consultant to edit my work. One paper is about the covenants of the Old Testament; Mosaic and Davidic and the second one is an exegesis of a 14 verse passage from the Old Testament both have to be over 7 pages each. I know what you are thinking, Lori you are a writer that should be no problem right. Well, these are very specific and lots of research has to be done first. I have an outline of each paper, lots of notes, lots of books and some rough draft writing accomplished. What I need are some small prayers (don’t use your big ones, save those for those who need them the most) from my prayer warriors that the Holy Spirit will help me to understand this material better and to write them well in a timely fashion. Thank you:)


We wake up in the morning and begin our daily routine, what ever that routine may be, and we don’t think about the treasures of our day. We forget that we were blessed to sleep in a bed, under a roof, inside a house, we were able to eat breakfast and drive to a workplace, because we actually have a job, we usually eat a lunch and a dinner. Most days we have an evening routine after dinner, maybe we watch a little TV, go for a walk with a neighbor or hang out with our families. All the while we are not thinking about the treasures we have experienced all day long, not because we are ungrateful, but because we are accustomed to our lifestyle. Continue reading

Jake and Aaron Exploring fossils at the Falls of the Ohio

Me and my family were able to go to the Falls of the Ohio last weekend. If you have never been it is a great field trip for a science class or for a family to explore fossils together. My husband is a bit of scientist, he is an agronomist. My children all have that science gene in their bodies. They love to explore and ask tons of questions. When they ask me about science I say ask dad. Then I always follow that with if you want to know about God, faith, religion, literature, communication, relationships or life come to me! Continue reading