I use them to talk about God

Talking about God to others; I guess it has always come naturally to me. Maybe, because I have been accustom to talking to God out loud for so long. As a little girl I would get up early on Saturday mornings, take my little jam box (radio with a tape cassette) out to my backyard and dance the morning away. When I at last fell exhausted to the ground I would start my conversation with God. I would swing on the swing and jump on the trampoline all while in deep conversation with God about life. I guess it just came easy to me to talk to God all of the time. When it’s that natural how can it be embarrassing or too personal to tell others about someone you love that much? I am not embarrassed to say I love God and that I would die for God. I am not embarrassed to wear a cross around my neck or to talk about my faith to my students, my readers, my retreatants or anyone else who wants to listen. I will never shove God down anyone’s throat but I will open my heart to God’s will in other people’s lives.

Many people don’t find it politically correct to bring up God or religion. God is so intertwined with my existence that it would be difficult for me to have a very deep conversation without bringing his name into the dialogue. I find different types of theological view points as challenging and enjoy engaging in civil debates. The calling God has blessed me with at this point is to talk to my students about God. My writings center on my purpose and one day I will write a book about God. My life is saturated with God, not as an obsession, but with a very clear view of who I want to emulate on this earth. If I had to stop talking about God I would no longer be Lori HD. I thank God that I live in a place with the freedom to talk about God.

My family attended our annual pumpkin day at the family farm. We really enjoy our time at Uncle Dale and Aunt Yvonne’s farm. We take a tractor ride to pick the perfect pumpkin. We eat great food, visit with family and relax while the children play on the farm. My boys were having a great time playing wiffel ball when I took this picture of Spencer. He rarely plays wiffel ball but that didn’t stop him from swinging that bat and rounding those bases. Continue reading

Sometimes things happen in our lives that should not have happened. Actions sometimes do not occur that should have occurred. We barely miss being hit by a car. We find the love of our life in another state. Things happen that make no logical sense what so ever. But these things make our lives what they are today. They are all by the grace of God. God gives us gifts throughout our lives. Every blessing is by the grace of God. Today, thank him for his graces.

My weekends are not what they once were. Now, I grade tests, plan for lessons, prepare for my Master’s class with 8 hours of reading and answering questions. What I would like to do is to prop up my feet and relax for awhile. I am going to make myself take the time this weekend to relax even if it is only for a few minutes. Try it, prop your feet up, lean back and relax this weekend.

My students are in constant motion; between school work, sports, friends and jobs. Their steps are continuous. However, on the weekends I think their steps are going in different directions. I wonder how often they are going towards what is healthy, good and selfless or going towards what we would label as instant gratification?

As teenagers, they think they are invincible. It’s not a unique thought process at this age; I thought the same way. As teenagers we took too many chances, and rode the line too often. If we think back to some of the choices we made back then it is truly a miracle that we made it to now. So, what can we do as teachers and people who want to help them make good decisions and walk towards goodness?

We can pray for them, set good examples and pat them on their backs when they do make good choices. As a teacher I often say, “Have a great weekend and make good choices!” I always pray for them to walk that Kingdom driven path towards God each day. Please take a moment to say a prayer for our teens and as an influence in their lives let them know you care and try to set a healthy example with your own choices.

Never let anyone tell you never. If you have a dream, create it. If you have a vision, build it. If you have a goal, achieve it. Dreams, visions and goals take time to mold, attempt, work on, re-figure and re-do. However, if you give up they will never be completed. Just because someone else says you can never do that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Anything is possible with God. Search your soul for the dream, vision and goal that God is calling you to in your life. If God has you dream it He will guide you to live it. Never let anyone tell you never because with God anything is possible.