Basket Ball season

Here we go…out of cross country and soccer season into basketball season. My children have played one sport a season, sometimes two, for years. The transition from one sport to the next is sometimes trying for my children. They become accustom to one sport and when they are at their peak it’s time to go to the next sport.

Many children play the same sport all year long in club sports. I do not want my children to do this. I talked to our pediatrician as well as a few different physical therapists, they all say it is not healthy for children to play the same sport all year long. It is hard on their bodies when they are growing, utilizing the same muscles constantly. It is great for my children to play different sports for a few reasons. One of which is that is better for their bodies. It is also great for making and keeping different friends. Different children enjoy different sports allowing children to make new friends. It is also great to try new sports outside of their comfort zone, for their minds, and to learn new skills.

It seems that in our country there is a new trend to push children from a young age to choose one sport and influence them to excel in one sport. They are put on a club team, travel, practice an excessive amount, and sometimes have personal coaches. The parents hope that their child will be a colligate athlete who receives a scholarship to college to play that sport. I have seen parents push their children from a very young age to believe what they want is to play in college. I have also witnessed friends who by the time they received that scholarship in college were so burnt out on that sport that the joy was gone and all that was left was a loathing for that sport which had become a job instead of a passion.

My daughter has a few athletic abilities and has some potential. We, as parents, have been pressured by coaches and others to get her into club sports or “she will never make it onto the high school teams”. She played club soccer early on but told us she did not like the pressure. We made a decision at that point to not continue down that path d where the pressure was so great and the joy of the game was lacking. Much to the surprise of others before she started into high school she said, “Mom, if I don’t make any teams its ok I will be involved in other clubs and committees.” We decided to let her have a childhood full of fun and opportunities to explore many different sports and that’s just what she did. This year she started high school and she made the JV Soccer team and subbed for the varsity team. She also made the basketball team and will sub for the JV team.

My children love sports, many different sports. That’s how it should be. I don’t want them to be burnt out or to dread practices. If they are not having fun on the field, challenging themselves in the competition, making memories and friends or learning something there is no point in playing. Only a small percentage of people make it to the professional level. It is not likely that my children will play sports as a profession however, I want them to enjoy being healthy, getting exercise, living life as a team player, and balancing their lives. If we don’t teach them a balance between sports, education, family time, friends, and faith how will they learn to balance their lives in the future?

So, here we go into basketball season, a new sport, new opportunities to sit in the stands and support our children, and a time for my children to grow and have fun. That’s the purpose of sports in my family.

What about in your family?


At Wicked

Last night Aaron took me to see Wicked for my birthday gift! It was an amazing production. The voices were flawless, the costumes spectacular, the storyline humorous but also heartfelt. It has been awhile since we went to a Broadway Series. The last time was Le Mes, we love that one and Phantom is one of our favorites. This one was very different than the heavy story lines we are accustom to and we were very pleased. I would recommend it to anyone especially families, it is appropriate for all ages. Now, I want to take my children to see it as well.

It is all about good and evil and how you never know until you know the back story. It all stems from how you were raised, loved, neglected, or despised. That is why the “family” is so important to the morality and values of our society. Wicked is an excellent show that proves that point.

Book display at the local library

My children and husband enjoy reading every chance possible. It takes them away from reality to a different place. We all need an escape every once in awhile. It is a great way to gain knowledge of the world, to walk in another’s shoes, to learn empathy, and sympathy for others. Today, grab a book and escape to another place and time.

two nights before black friday

Two nights ago me and my children went to Best Buy. What we saw were people in tents trying to stay warm. They were already lined up three days in advance. The saddest part is that getting a large screen TV for an inexpenive price is more important to them than the holiday. When we were enjoying Thanksgiving dinners with our families they were trying to stay warm in a tent. Has our society influenced others to believe that purchasing goods is more important than spending a day with family?

Where are your priorities? Hopefully not in line at Best Buy!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this awesome holiday!

When family doesn’t worry about buying things or who gets what when. Instead we just get to spend time with family and eat delicious food together.

May you have a wonderful day and appreciate those who love you the most! Don’t forget to give Thanks to God for all those people in your life and for the feast before you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I just sent off my 2 reflective essays for the Morality course in my Master’s Degree program. One was 11 pages on abortion, the other 14 pages on the Death Penalty. They were both very heavy subjects that I researched in depth. I am now on a break from my Master’s Program until January!!!! I am on holiday from teaching until Monday!! I am ready for some rest and relaxation and turkey never hurts that cause, of course I will run plenty of miles to justify eating plenty of yummy food! I am going to have a wonderful holiday! I am thankful for the time off. Count your blessings and enjoy your holiday as well!!!

Latest Book Proposal

So, this summer a friend of mine suggested that I have my prayer meditations, that I write and lead with my students, published. Because my students love them and seem to truly connect with God within the experience, and I enjoy writing them, I thought why not! I actually asked a great friend of mine to coauthor the proposal because she is the one who introduced me to the meditations in the retreats we led. We hammered out a great proposal, it took weeks. We sent it to two different publishers. The first one rejected it quickly. The second was sincerely interested in the project. She passed it on to a team of high school text book editors. Someone actually wrote a proposal about the proposal defining the pros and cons of the book. I started the proposal in May and I received the final answer yesterday. It was a NO! I received the most feedback I have ever received and this is my 10th formal rejection from a publisher. One of the more important concerns was marketing the book. I have a growing on line ministry however, I am not on a speaking circuit and am not well known in the Catholic High School arena. I did receive very constructive ideas about the proposal. If we decide to repackage it she gave us great ways to do it.

So, what should I learn from “this” rejection? Well, I am not mad at God at all. I have been so blessed in my life to have amazing children, a supportive husband, encouraging parents, and great students. I honestly have been blessed with all I ever wanted except a published book. If God thinks I am not ready for that yet, I know God knows best. I am not at a stage in my life that I want to travel away from my children and marketing a book would entail that.

There are only a few things that truly upset me about the rejection. One is that if I was famous for any reason I would have a book whether it was poorly written or bad content just because of my fame. I don’t want to be famous I just want to bring people closer to God in my life and hopefully through my writing. The other thing that upsets me is that I really want more teachers to give their students the opportunity to meditate and this book could have given them an easy way to do it.

Each time I am rejected I learn, and I grow. I don’t believe that God created this desire to be published unless someday He will allow me to do it. I also know what’s most important is doing God’s will in my every day life and I do that by loving my family, writing my blog, writing and leading meditations, teaching, and being a friend to other’s, and being a child of God. The rejection stings badly but the healing from it will make me a stronger person. I am not giving up on that dream no matter how many times I am rejected especially if each time I get a little closer.

Books for my course studies

I just finished writing a reflective essay for my Morality and Christians Ethics class on the death penalty. I really thought this concluding paragraph was very powerful, especially the last line. I don’t know where you stand on the death penalty but this is my summary of the research…

As citizens of a free country that holds the value of life in its written framework it is unbelievable that people must fight to abolish the death penalty. What started as a punishment to deter others from crime, to bring “justice” to the community, and safety to all has shifted greatly. Our country has the means to keep society safe with modern facilities, the studies have proven that execution is not a deterrent to crime, and “justice” has been misconstrued and is now “revenge”. The alternative is to leave this “retributive” type of punishment behind and to mature for the sake of the common good to “restorative justice” rebuilding the relationships broken from the crimes and restoring the injured communities. Rwanda has proven that this concept can be accomplished. Not every offender wants to change their lives and for those who do not our society has the ability to keep them locked away from the rest of the innocent people for a lifetime, at a more inexpensive rate, than executing them. The restorative justice and offender victim mediation has proven that healing is possible. It is better for our society to become a community that values the life and human dignity of every soul, even those who have committed the gravest of sins. If our society punishes to bring true justice, rebuilding the damaged communities, hearts, and people, then our society will begin to build a culture of life instead of a culture of death. Jesus Christ came to this world to teach us how to love. He loved us so much that he accepted execution on the cross for our crimes. If he had not done this would anyone of us had a chance at “rehabilitation” or redemption? No one else should suffer the same fate as Jesus Christ, he taught us how to own our sins, understand the gravity of them, ask for forgiveness, change lives, and give forgiveness to others.

The death policy is no longer needed Jesus Christ abolished the need for it over 2000 years ago.

“In the depths of our conscience, we detect a law which does not impose, but which holds us to obedience. Always summoning us to love good and avoid evil, the voice of conscience when necessary speaks to our heart: do this; shun that. For we have in our heart a law written by God; to obey it is the very dignity of being human; according to it we will be judged” (Gauidium et Spes paragraph 16) from Vatican II.

We have that inner voice that tells us what is good and evil and to follow God in it all. The question is do we listen to it? If we do hear it do we follow what is good?